Welcome to everybody on the website of the E.A.M.H.M.S. !

   This website has been constructed to allow you to find quickly the Association's news, to contact its members and to discover the links selected for you by the Association. But, first of all, what is "the European Association of the Museums of history of Medical Sciences"?
   Created in 1984, The E.A.M.H.M.S. had for goal to favor the contacts between the different European museums of the medical sector. In twenty years, the Association saw the developement of its activity in different ways : Many museums which are not situated in Europe chose to join us and the dynamism of its members brought the association to act in more and more numerous areas.

Today, the principal objectives are, first, the development of exhibitions about history of medical sciences and the establishement of scientific criteria as for the collections and for the presentation of objects. Furthermore, we whish to erect an inventory of objects of history of medicine.Whith all these projects we want to protect our medical patrimony. If you want to contact or find the website of our members, click on "Museums". To discover the Association's current affairs click on the button "News".Then, to reach the list of the websites recommended by The E.A.M.H.M.S., click on "Links".


Good discovery to everybody, and be back as often as you want, the website is regularly updated!

President of The E.A.M.H.M.S.